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Squarespace Redesign for Prism Consulting, VA: A Vibrant and Innovative HR Platform

Cover Image for Squarespace Redesign for Prism Consulting, VA: A Vibrant and Innovative HR Platform

Project Goals

  • Unique Brand Reflection: Create a website that mirrors the vibrancy and uniqueness of the company's disruptive HR approach.
  • Human-First Philosophy: Emphasize a human-centric approach in HR, leading to better outcomes for both employers and employees.
  • Custom-Coded Feature: Implement a Javascript-driven driver safety training course with video, quiz, and completion certificate functionalities.


  1. Brand-Driven Design: Utilized brand colors and values to craft a vibrant, yet professional website.
  2. Modern Aesthetics: Incorporated gradients for a contemporary and immersive feel, reinforcing brand messages.
  3. Javascript Development: Developed the driver safety course using Javascript, integrated with Google Firebase for user authentication and progress tracking.


  • Reflective Web Presence: Achieved a website design that mirrors the bright and sunny nature of the company founder.
  • Modern and Trustworthy Design: Used gradients, icons, and bright colors to communicate trustworthiness and modern thinking.
  • Functional Training Module: Successfully integrated a custom-coded training course, enhancing the site's utility and engagement.



"Vistoso Creative is my go-to web design and development partner. Dan was able to highlight my unique business approach in a dynamic logo and a professional, easy to update website. He also provided me with a color palette (and style guide) that represents myself and my business authentically, while still capturing the target market I am working with. Dan was incredibly helpful, and I felt like he was able to take what was in my head and bring it to life. "

- Joa Garcia, Founder, Prism Consulting VA LLC

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