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Staunton Jams October 2023: Visual Identity for Music Festival

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Project Goals

  • Visual Identity Creation: Develop a full visual presentation for Staunton Jams, a local music festival.
  • Festival Vibes: Emphasize a fun, vibrant atmosphere using autumnal colors.
  • Comprehensive Design Work: Create a festival logo, website, marketing materials, social media templates, and t-shirt design.


  1. Logo Design: Started with the logo, selecting elements to be used throughout all visual designs.
  2. Art Poster & Marketing Materials: Developed an art poster followed by key marketing materials in order of importance.
  3. Social Media Templates: Created templates for Artist and Sponsor Spotlights, along with a shareable graphic for sponsors.
  4. Day-of-Event Signage: Designed lineup announcement poster, festival map, print schedule, stage banners, and sponsor banners.
  5. Website Management: Consistently updated the festival website with themes, announcements, and information.


  • Visually Cohesive Festival: Achieved a vibrant and engaging visual presentation that complemented the festival's spirit.
  • Sponsor Collaboration: Successfully collaborated with sponsors for branding and promotional materials.
  • Social Media Impact: Attained significant reach and engagement through effective social media strategies.




Logo and Color Scheme Art Poster T-Shirt Mockup Donations Sign Festival Map Schedule

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